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26 Sep
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The ability to integrate a Podio form into your website has been possible for many moons now. Webforms are a great way to gather input from an external, public audience and have that input land right in your workflow, without you having to do any administration work to get it there.

Here are some cool scenarios in which webforms work well…

1. Recruitment processes: gather information from candidates via your website. The records can land directly in your HR system, along with an automated task for the recruitment manager to review. No more emailing attachments or re-entering data.

2. Customer feedback: Businesses wanting to pay greater attention to customer feedback can provide a simple webform for people to register complaints or praise. The feedback lands right in Podio where it natively has the right tools to support discussion (comments) and ultimately action (tasks)

3. Even surveys can be undertaken using a well thought-out webform. Progress sliders for example make an interesting tool to allow respondents to express the weight of their opinion

Apply CSS styling right within Podio

So webforms are effective and simple to deploy in their ‘vanilla’ state, but until recently there was no option to customise the look and feel of the forms. The ever-progressive guys at Podio then introduced the ability to add in your own CSS (stylesheet). That meant total freedom for those with the skills to write CSS code, but left everyone else none the wiser! So, beautiful as the Podio styling is, when you integrated one of their forms into your website, you could do little to change it unless you were happy to commit a chunk of time to the exercise.

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CSS Styling for everyone

Now that has changed thanks to the introduction of Oval’s Podio Form Styler tool [link]. From fonts and border styles, to dropdown lists and date ranges, the tool covers all aspects of a webform while remaining intuitive and enjoyable to use. The form displays the styles you select as you go along and, when you’re happy with the result, you can simply copy and paste the resulting code into your own website and see the results flood in.

No more delving into complicated code and having to get your hands dirty!

How to use the Podio Form Styler

  1. Create a webform in Podio, go to the desired app, click the wrench icon, then ‘webform’, and start building
  2. Go to the Podio Form Styler and use the visual interface to customize the form look
  3. When finished, choose ‘Get CSS’, and hit ‘copy’
  4. Go back to Podio find your webform
  5. Choose Theme>Custom CSS in the right side bar, paste, click ‘done’.
  6. You are now ready to save and share your custom styled Podio webform!

The Podio Form Styler from Oval Business Solutions is free to use and it can be found at

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