Podio iPad app released!

5 Sep

The Podio iPad app is launched and is ready for download at the Apple Store. Podio released this case video:

The Podio app for iPad has – not surprisingly – adopted the pane view introduced in the latest User Interface update on the desktop platform. This goes well with the mobile design tendency for apps such as Facebook, Evernote and Spotify that also sports the sliding panels. In this instance it gives an always accessible overview of spaces. Access from anywhere seems to be a design focus, as the Item Creator has been. This interface gives it the potent feeling of the desktop application, even though functionality is not terribly different than the iPhone version.

Podio Blog: Introducing Podio for iPad: The Most Complete Mobile Work Experience Ever

The more fluent interface, as well as the easier access to core features, may very well make up for the lack of advanced features. Employees in the field might not want to fiddle with a small screen and layer upon layer of user interface. Thus the iPad app might make working on the go an even better experience.

TechCrunch: Cloud-Based Social Business Service Podio Comes To The iPad

Sometimes less is more, so you might also see companies that already use iPads heavily, sidestep the desktop version and introduce the employees to Podio solely on this platform. Keep an eye out for case studies here on PodioHelp. Meanwhile let us know how you plan to utilize this new app.

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