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24 Oct

At Elvenite we have, for a while now, discussed the possibility to use more scrum-like methods in some of our customer projects. Occasionally projects have a tendency to grow as they develop; each delivery fuels more ideas and discussion on how to further enhance the result. This is per se a good thing; ideas are not perfect from the beginning and as you start to work you will find better approaches and other possible use cases for the solution.

Enter Scrum

Our current project method is quite strict and does not fit for this kind of adaptive way towork. Scrum came up as a project management method useful in situations like described above. Podio’s earlier layout options was too limited to visualize our processes in a scrum-like setting. We were basically choosing between “going analogue” or to introduce yet another tool besides Podio. Up until now we were leaning towards the analogue whiteboard solution with post-it notes for our backlog items (yes, very old school). Until now.

The introduction of the Card layout is more than one step in the right direction. Post-it notes has been transformed into Podio’s drag-and-drop function. The Card layout is a perfect tool to easily visualize each sprint backlog in its own view. Try arranging the columns based on backlog status and the rows by assignee (sometimes we call them pigs). The Card layout is a great addition to Podio’s existing layouts and I think we will experience many other situations where it can come in handy.

The two main types of Scrum people: “The Classic Story of the Pig and Chicken” (from

The Card layout is quite new and with baby steps we will develop the usage involving our customers adopt their feedback in this process. Having said that, this means we have not yet fully implemented our ideas but if those first trials turns out well, we will definitely design a complete Scrum app pack.

Official Podio blog: Dynamic, Focused, Collaboration: New ‘Card Layout’ and ‘Full Screen Mode’

How would you like to use the Card layout? Do you see any obstacles in using Podio as a Scrum tool? Do you have any questions about what you have just read? Do not hesitate to comment below!

Carl-Fredrik Herö is a Web Architect at Elvenite, which is a proud Swedish Podio Partner since spring 2012. Our deep knowledge about integration in three related and critical business applications; ERP, BI and Social Business makes us a full-fledged partner for mid-sized companies.

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  • João Neto

    Hey there! Did u tried Podio integrated with any ERP or external databases? =)

    • Carl-Fredrik Herö

      Hi! No not yet, we (at Elvenite) do most of our business on Infors M3 ERP and we have plans to test out how to connect M3 events to Podio and vice versa. Do you have any specific needs for these kinds of features? Could you describe a use case? It’s always more interesting when there is a real practical need.

  • Karin

    Hi there, we are already using Podio for assigning tasks to developers. Is it possible to list the development tasks under ‘My tasks’ so the developer has a complete overview of all his tasks?

    • Carl-Fredrik Herö

      Hi Karin! In your global task view you can view all tasks given to you by clicking “My delegated tasks”. You could then group the tasks by label. Does that answer your question?

      • Karin

        Hi, the development tasks are not shown there. Only if I would add a
        task to the development task, but that is one level too deep for us. The
        development task should be the task a developer works on.

        • Carl-Fredrik Herö

          Sorry about to replying back to you. I must have missed it. It you use an app to manage development tasks then you are right. As they are app items they won’t show up in the global task view.