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15 May

Chimney movie productions handles their work in Podio

Chimney is a movie production company with 250+ employees in multiple countries across Europe. They have worked with movies such as Oscar awarded “Searching for Sugarman”, music videos for Madonna, Rihanna and Maroon 5, and commercials for BMW and Red Bull to name a few. Before introducing Podio, there were no room for interactive discussions or easy share of knowledge between the different offices. They all worked with their own tools and mostly communicated through email, both one to one and in email groups.

Henric Larsson, CEO of Chimney, found that to be a non-sustainable situation. They needed to feel like one company. Where a graphics artist in Berlin should not find it difficult to contact a co-worker in another country for help or feedback, or where people from different offices talk to each other more often than at the company wide conferences every other year.

During a breakfast seminar in Stockholm, held by us at Elvenite together with Podio, Henric explained and shared some of his experiences with Podio.

Reasons why Chimney chose Podio

  • Outstanding support: Henric got answers to his support questions in minutes, not hours or days
  • An attractive, modern design and easy-to-use interface:  working with 200 creative artists Podio’s attractive interface is inspirational. Gone is the old-fashioned looking, clunky designs of older intranets
  • Adapts to their needs: the Podio app builder makes it possible to build tools that adapts to the user’s way of doing work, not the other way around.
  • Native smartphone client: every piece of information at their fingertip
  • Desktop notifications: no need to keep the browser window open

How to get a head start on your Podio roll out

  • Use few workspaces, preferably divided by interests: for Chimney that meant one workspace for each local office and one for each profession. In this way discussions about one office’s fire drill would not clutter up everyone else’s activity stream. And the 3D people from different offices can nerd away together.
  • Forbid internal group emailing: all that information belongs in a context where you can opt out of the conversation and not get CC-spammed when 20 or more people have the same question.
  • Keep it personal: the social features makes official impersonal announcements feel distant.
  • Assign ambassadors to each workspace: to keep the discussion going, let them post new content continuously. There is nothing worse than to send out a question to 200 people and not get one single response. Therefore ambassadors should make sure each request, question or shout-out gets a response.

Henric Larsson, CEO of Chimney movie productions

Henric Larsson is a distinct doer. After he decided to go with Podio, it only took him a couple of weeks before everyone had begun using Podio. Even the Podio staff is really impressed with such an achievement.This strategy could work if you haven’t got too many legacy systems, but we generally recommend a slower roll out, either introduce one department at a time or start with podio for specific purposes. Elvenite, or any of the other Podio Preferred Partners are more than happy to assist you with your Podio roll out. Whether you need help with ideas for apps, educating co-workers or integrate your current systems with Podio, a Podio Preferred Partner is a reliable source of knowledge and competence.

Do you use Podio? Please tell us about your Podio roll out experience in the comment section!

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