Is the Podio Share feature a security threat?

6 Dec

Podio launched the much anticipated new Share feature this week, with a big bang and this jolly video:

After the sugar rush some worried questions have popped up:

  • Will Podio share to every contact I have ever assigned to a meeting?
  • Will my leads app items containing contact information for people inside these organizations be granted access to see these restricted information?
  • Will all hell break lose as your company’s most private information is automatically shared with those people most likely to be offended by it?

The answer is NO – all your information is safe, nothing is changed, nothing is shared to outsiders. Podio Share is an opt-in feature.

All of your existing apps – meetings, CRM leads, Marketing – will work exactly as they did before the Podio Share feature was introduced. You have complete control of when you share which information with who.

The technical stuff

Contact fields are of two types: Workspace members and Workspace contacts. The first option now has the option to enable direct sharing from this field. Which means you can assign and invite meeting participants to the item in one go. It also means that all the apps that refer to not members but outside contacts (that is the second option) will not be affected.

For how to opt in, go to this Podio Support article

What are your experiences with Podio Share so far? In which situations would it help you out? Please let us know in the comments.

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