If I had one wish: email to and from item

17 Oct

Today’s post is one in a series of many we will touch upon on a continuing basis. Let’s just say that we are super users of Podio and know almost every corner of the platform. We have helped numerous clients implement Podio into their organizations to support employees working together on projects or specific processes. Since we know the platform this well, we also know its limitations. In this series of articles we would like to share some of the limitations and our wishes for future Podio features and functionalities.

Let me make it perfectly clear that these limitations doesnt mean that I don’t like Podio! – I love the platform! I have experienced that the upside of using Podio is far greater than the small limitations that I find around the edges.


Email begone?

My communication technologies should do most things. Whether it is flying…

Many has predicted the death of email – my self included. Today I don’t believe that email will go away anytime soon. The reason for this is that it is a great technology for transfering messages from A to B. Just like Postman Pat’s little red car. But just like Pat in the modern versions has different transportation vehicles (motorbike and helicopter) for different tasks, we should also be aware that our email technology is not good for everything.

Hierarchy of importance

Some of the limitations of email is that it is not useful when it comes to collaboratingmany people on a project, or as a supporting technology for our processes. Emails are unstructured and every email is perceived as equally important in my inbox. There is no hierarchy of importance. Decisions get lost in the 100+ back and forth of emails between the involved partners. Sorting the important and no-so-important messages and giving them context is what makes Podio such a powerful alternative.


Wanted: email-updates-item and email-from-item

…or if I want to go really fast…

Here we see one of the basic arguments for start using Podio, but of course Podio has limitations too! One of these limitations are exactly the integration of email into Podio. In Podio I am able to create app items by sending an email to the app-specific emailadress. This is great, but I am not able to send emails into a specific item and either to send an email from the specific item and out of Podio into the mailbox of, let’s say, our customer. Imagine if we could use the strengths of email, bringing information from A to B, together with the strengths of Podio being the platform where our work is structured so that we were able to stay on top of the work. This would be great.


Useful for keeping track of communication with vendors

One of our clients, Peter, has a ”Vendor”-workspace in Podio where he among other relevant apps has a Vendor app. In this app he has all the details he need on his vendors and contact persons in the items. Now instead of just being a contact list, he uses this to keep track of mail correspondence with each specific vendor. Today in Podio he needs a separate app where he cc’s the email correspondence with the vendor to and then he needs to go into Podio and link the email

…Or if I want to stick to what I know. So a better bridge between the safe, old email and Podio would be my one wish.

to the specific vendor. This is a time consuming task. If he was able to email-update an item he could cc directly to the specific vendor in the vendor app. Further, if he could email-from-item, he did not have to leave Podio, which is the platform where he does most of his work, and go into an email-client to communicate with the specific vendors. All he had to do was to go to the item of the specific vendor, he wanted to send an email to, and then from the comments field being able to write an email to this vendor. This would at the same time post as a comment on the item. He would at all time being able to keep track of the communication with each of his vendors.

For me this would be a fantastic scenario, if I did not have to go into my email-client to being able to communicate with people “outside” Podio.

I guess there are a lot more use cases for this functionality out there. Could you imagine this functionality being a big help for you? Which use cases could you think of?

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  • http://www.podiotools.com Patrick Steil (PodioTools.com)

    Anders, wow, this is pretty phenomenal timing!

    We are about to start rolling out the BETA of just such a product!

    We call it the “PodioTools HelpDesk” – you can check it out complete with a video overview and beta signup form at http://www.podiotools.com.

    We realized this was such a huge problem for us as Power Podio users as well and we finally just had to GET IT DONE! :)

    Patrick Steil

  • Sören


  • http://www.churchbuzz.org Patrick Steil

    The first time I saw Podio I fell in love… and then it broke my heart when I saw that the ability to do email communication to external users from Podio was not there. We waited and waited for Podio to implement this. When it became obvious they weren’t going to, we had to create such an integration.

    This is pretty phenomenal timing!

    We are rolling out the BETA of our solution – We call it the ‘PodioTools HelpDesk’. You can check it out complete with a video overview and beta signup form at http://www.podiotools.com.

    Our team LOVES this and it allowed us to let Podio into every facet of our business.

    Patrick Steil

    • http://twitter.com/bendix Anders Bendix Kiel

      Thanks Patrick,

      Your PodioTools looks very interesting. Definitely going to have a closer look at it.

      • EJ

        I am currently using podio tools for sending and receiving emails from within podio Apps. I am mainly using it to keep track of my email communications with open opportunities. It works great.


    • Douglas

      how much does it cost?