How to avoid the pitfalls when @Mentioning a whole workspace

29 Aug

Today Podio made @Mentioning in Podio even stronger by introducing group mentioning. Now the dropdown list that appears when you type ‘@’ will not only include workspace members, but also all of the workspaces that you are a part of.

As the Podio Blog post Workspace @Mentions for All! outlines, this update makes it even more obvious why Podio is a much better tool for low involvement messaging than cc’ed emails.

Pitfall to be aware of

When posting a status message in a workspace you automatically get a pop-up message that notifies you if the mentioned people are not members of that workspace. This is not the case with group @Mentioning. Therefore you need to take extra care that all mentioned people are indeed members of the workspace in which the message appears.



What is @Mentioning?

@Mentioning is an ability inherited from Facebook. Activity stream updates in Podio are great for general announcements where it is of less importance that people see and respond to it. On the other hand private messages (or emails) are good for when you need to direct a certain person’s attention to something right away and make sure that they have received it. @Mentions bridges these two instances.

How do I @Mention?

Say you want to acknowledge how your colleague has done a great job recently. Just write an acitivity stream update, type ‘@’ and the first name of  your colleague. Then select her name from the dropdown list and click share.

Who get’s notified where?

Everyone in the workspace can see the update and on top of that she will get a notification in her Podio inbox instantly AND everytime someone comments. If her notifications settings are set up for it, she will even receive an email reminding her of the status message. This is a great feature for new users of Podio to be aware of in the adoption period.

To navigate to the email notifications area go to ‘My account’ right under your profile picture, then ‘Account Settings’ then select the designated tab.

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