How do I use the Item Creator to add new content?

22 Aug


“In the Item Creater I type in the name of the app in which I want to add new content but Podio doesn’t find it. Why?”


Because it searches for what an individual item in a given app is called, not the name of the app itself. So what you need to do is type in the decriptive name of the item you want to create. Popular examples are

  • ‘person’ in a Human Ressources space
  • ‘sale’, ‘sales meeting’ og ‘lead’ in sales or CRM space
  • ‘article’ or ‘deadline’ in a Editor space for a newspaper

So for example if you want to add content to the ‘Human Ressources’ space you need to search for ‘person’ as this is the descriptive name of each item.


Tip 1: Visualise what is written on the green ‘add’-button in every app (see below)


Tip 2: If Podio finds more apps with ‘person’ describing what an item is, they will be displayed in a dropdown list, with space in which they occur mentioned below each entry (see below).


How  to change the descriptive item name:

  1. Go to the app
  2. Click ‘Modify app’ in the right sidebar
  3. Under ‘the single item in the app’, change the name to something that descibes what you are adding better.
  4. Click ‘Save’ and you’re done! To test it click the green plus in the top right corner or pres ‘n’ on your keyboard, then type in the new descrptive item name.

What are your experience with the Item Creator in your day-to-day work flows? What works for you and what doesn’t? The comments below await your Inspiration, warnings or ideas.

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