How did MilliMeter-Group Pioneer Their Industry?

10 Mar

MilliMeter-Group is a pioneer within their industry – they decided to take their customer relationship to a whole other level, as founder Kenneth Christensen explains: “We wanted to tear down the boundaries between us, our employees and our customers” 

MilliMeter-Group is a Copenhagen based company specialized in montage and carpentry. Most projects consist of exhibitions, installations and shop fittings for furniture and interior design companies. For Kenneth and his company it is essential to meet deadlines and to pay great attention to detail. In order to include customers in the process and give them insight into the process MilliMeter looked for a solution that could overcome this. They decided on using Podio, but to save time and get the setup optimized they hired Podio Preferred Partner BendixKiel to help create their setup.

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The choice to go with Podio, and to invest in the service on BendixKiel has paid off handsomely, Kenneth explained: “With Podio, we are years ahead of anybody else in the business. Right now nobody can compare with the service that we deliver. We’re not just a carpentry company or an exhibition company; we’re a lot more than that. We make everybody in this process look better and be more professional.”


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