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10 Oct
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Lately most of the talk around Podio has concentrated on integrations with other web platforms (Gmail, GoToMeeting etc.) – but for me the key to Podio is the ability for ordinary folk (like me) to create their own apps – or even better to take an off the shelf app from the App Market and modify it for themselves.

The App Market contains HUNDREDS of great apps which can be downloaded freely to solve whatever business problems you may have – how cool is that?

In many ways, you could see Podio as a modern replacement for Microsoft Access (or Excel) – but with all the other added benefits of  mobile anywhere, anytime access, collaboration and security thrown in! (And it’s much simpler to build the apps)

My personal journey with Podio started early in 2011 when I discovered the platform one Thursday afternoon. Over the weekend I spent a few hours looking at it – and by Tuesday I had replaced the Recruitment Agency software we had been using and was running my Agency on Podio – it really was that fast!

My passion for the platform led me to become a contributor to the App Market and I now have several App Packs on the store covering HR, CRM and Recruitment agency areas. Literally thousands of people have loaded these apps.

The App Market and you…

What if you don’t want to create apps for others?

Podio provides organisations with their own private App Market for internal use apps (which you can also add into clients’ Workspaces if you want). Let’s say you’ve built a great set of apps for managing your client projects (probably based on one of the apps in the Market) – you can store this in your personal App Market so that others within your organisation can simply create their own workspaces and load your apps. This makes it really simple to create standard work flows and encourage collaboration.

How many software solutions provide unlimited access to apps, including CRM, Project Management, HR, etc – and all for $8 per month (or FREE if you have less than 5 users)! Remember, all these apps are collaborative, multi user, mobile and easy to modify for your own use…

Julian Kirkness has spent 20+ years in Software business (most as MD of a Human Resources Software supplier) and is now a head-hunter, photographer and Podio evangelist.

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  • http://dandascalescu.com/ Dan Dascalescu

    While Podio shines in ease of use, comparing it to Excel is a bit of a stretch. A huge stretch actually.

    Apart from deletions, Podio has no support for batch operations.

    You can even navigate from one item to the next in a table format, as you can in Excel by simply pressing the arrow keys. The spreadsheet view from the full-screen mode is essentially read-only. Google Spreadsheets lets one edits items an order of magnitude faster, and has collaboration built-in.

    Scrolling in Podio’s Table layout is a joke. You have to keep clicking “Show more”.

    Formulas? Podio’s most advanced formula is the sum.

    Can you assign colors to items? No.

    These are just some of the most basic functions that users have been requesting. And there are plenty of free and open-source mature JavaScript components that would make the Table view actually functional – datatables.net for instance. Except Podio focuses on dubious improvements like live notifications of comments, that users don’t care about 0 http://blog.podio.com/2013/02/12/live/

    Don’t get me wrong – I love Podio, but I wish they got their priorities straight, made use of open-source components, and hired more developers.

    • http://bendixkiel.org/ Kristian Møller Jørgensen

      Hi Dan, I agree that many areas of Podio could be updated for greater usability. They actually sped up development since they were acquired by Citrix. You’re right, they focus on making the platform more “live”.
      I think the comparison to Excel works as a mind tool, a way of describing Podio to regular people. That’s software they have actually used, and it is what they are trying to do in Excel that Podio does better.