Google Docs cursor misaligned

5 Jul

Read below to find out how to fix that annoying Google Docs glitch.

It is very easy to add and share Google Docs within Podio spaces. Collaborating on a document and defining tasks removes the confusing of “who does what?” while eliminating the risk of changes getting lost in multiple editions of the same document.
But some users experience that the cursor in a Google Document is misaligned, so that its on-screen placement does not match theactual text input. If you experience this, there is an easy fix to it:

  • Set your browser’s zoomview to standard 100% by hitting cmd+0 (zero) on a mac and control+0 on a pc. This works in Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

Do you experience other difficulties when integrating Google Docs into your work flow? Put it in the comments or go to ‘About’ and send us an article request.

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