Tips to strengthen team bonds and company culture with Podio

21 Oct

So why should we be social when we’re at work? Many of us use social platforms outside of work. While we may vary in how much pleasure we derive, most of us find some enjoyment in being appreciated by others’ …

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SmartGantt – Gantt Chart build for Podio

13 May

Gantt charts has been a long time asked for feature in Podio and Podio has since the beginning said they will not develop this feature. Nevertheless, Gantt chart is an important tool for a lot of Project Managers. This is …

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Oval’s Podio Pop-up Event

12 Dec

Oval has been living, breathing, and singing the praises of Podio for the last two years


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Implementing Podio Wisely

23 Oct
Tomato crop

Podio Partner Adrian Griffith, explains why it’s wise to engage the services of a Podio Preferred Partner -

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Gantt for Podio – Go to SmartGantt

4 Oct
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Visualize your Deliverables or Projects -

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The Podio calendar and tips on how to make it more accessible

1 Oct
External cal resized

Every calendar in Podio can be exported to your external calendar e.g. Google, Ical or Exchange -

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Lead the way to a successful Podio implementation

15 May
chimney podiohelp

Here is how to have your Podio rollout hit the ground running.

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Rich text formatting in Podio UI

20 Dec

Bold, italics, bullets? You can have it all – even table view.

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Is the Podio Share feature a security threat?

6 Dec
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The answer to this question is a resounding NO.

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Make Scrum happen with Podio

24 Oct

With the new Card layout Podio just became a great Scrum management tool.

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