Tips to strengthen team bonds and company culture with Podio

21 Oct

So why should we be social when we’re at work? Many of us use social platforms outside of work. While we may vary in how much pleasure we derive, most of us find some enjoyment in being appreciated by others’ …

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Podio Partners help structure businesses

21 Oct
Structure business

Envision Response has long been a leader in the direct response television (DRTV) marketing industry. They’ve had the pleasure of building household brands and helping to place several companies in the Fortune 500. 30 minute infomercials continue to have their …

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How did MilliMeter-Group Pioneer Their Industry?

10 Mar
mm featured

“We wanted to tear down the boundaries between us, our employees and our customers”

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7 reasons your intranet should be in the cloud

13 Aug
podiohelp 1

Transparency, communication and availability -

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How Podio helps creativity flourish for trend forecasters Quote the Future

13 Jun
Mandy holding up iPad

Collect, curate, coordinate

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Lead the way to a successful Podio implementation

15 May
chimney podiohelp

Here is how to have your Podio rollout hit the ground running.

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Interview with Podio Co-Founder Kasper Hulthin

5 Dec
Kasper Hulthin3

“The companies of tomorrow have already made a cultural transition into more openness and transparency”

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Make Scrum happen with Podio

24 Oct

With the new Card layout Podio just became a great Scrum management tool.

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Managing a design process with Podio

27 Aug
Design Management is a very delicate task, involving many interests, professions and ways of working

Designing a webpage? Steer clear of email induced confusion with these Podio based Best Practices

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Managing a design process with Podio

27 Jun

How to do it right, and how Podio can support the skilled project manager.

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