Advantage Media’s new Podio CRM makes a big difference

20 Aug

A lot has been written on information silos and how they hinder productivity. It is less clear how to actually go about and “break the silos” (horrible pun, sorry). I think this case might make it clear that these barriers for knowledge transfer can, with the organizational and individual will to open up to one another, be overcome. In particular this case illustrates how a Podio CRM can move beyond “business as usual” and unleash the value of social by integrating sale and production in a more dynamic workflow.

Challenging the silos

With the new CRM delivered by BendixKiel, Director and Founder of Advantage Media, Jonas Frederiksen, reports a 20% decrease in time spend on low level management, and a 20% increase in sales productivity

Advantage Media is a full service Digital Marketing agency, placing customers’ ad campaigns across several platforms to achieve the highest response. In the wake of massive growth it became apparent that not only were their email and Excel-handling of sales not cutting it anymore. Furthermore the management realized that a lot of business was lost due to bad inter department communication. For them to scale they needed to move past this.

A campaign centric CRM

Together with BendixKiel a strategy for eliminating most siloed information streams was made. Central to this was building a Podio CRM.

The new CRM is campaign centric instead of department centric. All work from start to finish to additional sales is done in one place. All sales communications are tracked. The statistical data from this enables better strategic sales decisions. Campaign type, price, deadlines etc. is registered and is readily accessible to the production department. Whenever a campaign is reaching its final stages, the production team now has a simple tool for sending the lead back to the sales team who in turn can access all campaign details to give a detailed report to the customer. This smoothening of the process makes sure a timely and qualified feedback is delivered, creating opportunities for additional sales.

Having campaign status accessible for all departments lends better timing to additional sales efforts

Director and Founder of Advantage Media, Jonas Frederiksen, reports a 20% decrease in time spend on low level management, and a 20% increase in sales productivity. He can now oversee and lead sales and production efforts from anywhere. He plans to tie in the Turkish team to the same Podio CRM, giving him a better sense of their progress, while giving all a better sense of community.


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  • greglgomez

    Is there a Podio AppMarket link for this CRM app?