PodioHelp is the place to get inspiration and find answers regarding the work platform Podio. Further PodioHelp connects you to the world’s leading Podio Facilitators if you need more advanced help regarding implementation and optimization of Podio in your organization.

What is PodioHelp?

So exactly what kind of help can you expect from us? These three questions illuminate this:

  • Need to find the logout button?
  • Do you have problems using a feature?
  • Looking for inspiration on how to implement Podio into your workflows?

We at PodioHelp will do our best to help both rookies and experienced Podio users on all three levels. Whether you want to share and compare experiences or ask questions and have them answered, PodioHelp is the place to go.

Your place for independent Podio advice

PodioHelp is an independent website that does NOT have any affiliation to the company Podio Inc. or Citrix. It is initiated and run by BendixKiel, a third party Copenhagen based company of ‘Podio Work Architects’. Joining BendixKiel in telling stories, sharing cases and giving tips are the world’s leading Podio Facilitators.

As PodioHelp is an independent contributor driven site, we collect and bring you the best knowledge on the Work Platform Podio. We hope you will find PodioHelp useful again and again – we will do our best to empower you to get work done.

Do you have questions, ideas or something entirely different? Please feel free to fill out the form and we will get back to you.

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