Structure business

Podio Partners help structure businesses

Envision Response has long been a leader in the direct response television (DRTV) marketing industry. They’ve had the pleasure of building household brands and helping to place several companies in the Fortune 500. 30 minute infomercials continue to have their …

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SmartGantt – Gantt Chart build for Podio

Gantt charts has been a long time asked for feature in Podio and Podio has since the beginning said they will not develop this feature. Nevertheless, Gantt chart is an important tool for a lot of Project Managers. This is …

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How did MilliMeter-Group Pioneer Their Industry?

“We wanted to tear down the boundaries between us, our employees and our customers”

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How the Green Building Group is stream-lining their contract management

See how Die Kollaborateure is helping companies to use Podio as a business tool.

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Tips to strengthen team bonds and company culture with Podio

21 Oct

So why should we be social when we’re at work? Many of us use social platforms outside of work. While we may vary in how much pleasure we derive, most of us find some enjoyment in being appreciated by others’ …

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400,000 organizations structure their work with Podio

5 Jan

Happy New Year! Looking back on 2013, what we see is a great year for Podio. Here are some of the numbers. One of the most impressive numbers is that 400,000 organizations across 170 countries have decided to structure their …

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New Year Greetings from PodioHelp

30 Dec
New years post PodioHelp

Thanks for a great year.

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Oval’s Podio Pop-up Event

12 Dec

Oval has been living, breathing, and singing the praises of Podio for the last two years


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The management consultant that became an IT entrepreneur

3 Dec

Read how the management consultant became an IT entrepreneur

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Implementing Podio Wisely

23 Oct
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Podio Partner Adrian Griffith, explains why it’s wise to engage the services of a Podio Preferred Partner -

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Gantt for Podio – Go to SmartGantt

4 Oct
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Visualize your Deliverables or Projects -

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The Podio calendar and tips on how to make it more accessible

1 Oct
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Every calendar in Podio can be exported to your external calendar e.g. Google, Ical or Exchange -

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Advantage Media’s new Podio CRM makes a big difference

20 Aug

Get rid of information silos and increase sales productivity by 20% -

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7 reasons your intranet should be in the cloud

13 Aug
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Transparency, communication and availability -

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